Eva Zeisel: A Soviet Prison Memoir

Compiled & Edited by
Jean Richards & Brent C. Brolin

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iBook includes:

  Eva's memoir, from tapes and writings

  Original NKVD files in Russian with English translation

  Poems written during her 16 months in prison, 1936-37

  Photographs and maps

  Audio clips of her reminiscences

  Video clips of her return to Russia in 2000

With essays by:

   Jean Richards, her daughter

   Karen Kettering, Ph.D., V.P. Russian Art, Sotheby's

   Edward P. Gazur, F.B.I. (Retired)

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A 1977 letter from Arthur Koestler, after he read a portion of Eva’s prison memoir.


Eva on beach; photo confiscated by NKVD when she was arrested.

Eva Zeisel, (1906-2011) was a world-famous industrial designer known particularly for her mass-production ceramics. Her designs are displayed in major museums around the world. During Eva’s 80-year career she worked in many countries, including the Soviet Union (1932-1937). At age 29 she was caught up in the early Stalinist purges and falsely accused of plotting to assassinate Stalin. She spent 16 months in an NKVD prison, mostly in solitary confinement. Recent discoveries show that Stalin took a personal interest in her case. 
Her memoir is poetic, amusing, charming and chilling. Many of its details are included in her friend Arthur Koestler's novel Darkness At Noon.

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